Mile Marker 39
The Temecula Valleys Best Garage Band*
Mile Marker 39 is a Temecula Valley cover band. We have been making noise for over 3 years now, about 6 months in our current configuration. We have started this page to see what happens.

Got to jam a little at Open Mic Night at Knuckleheads. See the Pic.

This is a work in progress so if you stumbled on this site come back in a week and see what has changed.

Got something to say about the site, shoot us an email at
*This title is self applied and has not been certified or accredited by any agency or governing body capable of such certification or accreditation. In fact, there are dozens of Temecula Valley garage bands who could easily dispute this claim but seriously, how many "Worlds Greatest Dad" coffee mugs are out there.
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